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Horse Waste Removal

Let us take a horse load off your shoulders! The proper disposal of animal waste, especially horse manure, can be a challenge. Keep your farms and stables clean with our affordable and eco-friendly method in horse manure removal. From one-time management to our weekly management service, we make the back end of a horse more manageable and tolerable. We're able to manage a large accumulation of horse manure all at once or over a period of time. Scoop Le Poop's customized management services are designed to suit your needs.

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Manure Management – Roll-off containers available :

  • 10-yard container
  • 15-yard container
  • 20-yard container
  • 30-yard container

Containers start at $225 and include property haul-off service


Many stable and equestrian owners consider the waste from stalls to be a nuisance because it attracts flies, produces odor and is unsightly. Because of this perception, stable waste (manure plus bedding) has been improperly disposed of in remote areas on farms such as gullies, wood edges and over the hillside. This method of disposal poses significant environmental risks due to runoff and leaching of nutrients from the manure that may contaminate ground and surface water. The Water Quality Improvement Act of 1998 requires horse operations to properly dispose of and utilize stable waste.

We're able to manage stable waste two different ways:
  1. Removal from the premises
    Removal may be an added expense to the operation. However, the cost can usually be passed on with small increases in boarding or other fees. Removal of waste from the farm can be accomplished through various avenues. Neighbors may be willing to pick up small amounts in the spring and fall for gardens, but this method is not always reliable. Additionally, there are companies that will come to your facility and remove waste for a fee, such as a manure removal firm, excavating contractor or landscaper. Some enterprises will issue roll-off boxes that can be filled with stable waste and later removed for a fee. Removal services range in price from $4.00/cu. yd. to $15.00/cu. yd. NOTE: A 1000 lb. horse stabled 50% of the time will produce 1-2 cu. ft. per day of stable waste. That’s 1-2 cu. yds/month. These volumes may vary between barns due to the type of horse, the bedding used, the time of year and the management of the stable.
  2. Spread on pasture, hay or crop fields
    Spreading stable waste on the land does not meet everyone's needs. There must be enough acreage to accommodate the waste. The application rate must meet the recommendations of an approved nutrient management plan as well.

    Application of raw stable waste on land has the following disadvantages:

    • Stable waste may contain a variety of internal parasites, bacteria and viruses that can reinfect the herd when applied to pastures or hay fields.
    • Spreading waste should only be done in the fall and spring because repeated trips over fields throughout the year causes soil compaction. Compaction reduces water infiltration and retards the growth of pasture and hay grasses.

What to do: Try composting your horse manure!
Composting is a biological process where microorganisms convert organic materials, such as manure, leaves, sawdust, straw, and paper into a soil-like material known as compost.

There are advantages to composting your stable waste:

  1. Volume reduction. Composting reduces the volume of stable waste by 40-60%.
  2. Composting is environmentally friendly. It converts nutrients into a form that is more readily available for plant uptake.
  3. Compost adds organic matter to the soil improving its fertility, moisture retention and increasing the yield potential of pasture and hay grasses.
  4. Compost is a value added product and has many different uses. It can be spread over pastures and hay fields to improve grass production as well as used in the garden or in landscaping.

My first thought when I was looking for a company that would pick up the horse waste was- 'How much?' and is there actually a company to solve my manure problem. I Search on the net and selected Scoop Le Poop.  They're always available via cell phone. I never have to leave a message and wonder if I'll get a call back, if they aren't available, I get a call back within minutes. I highly recommend Scoop Le Poop manure removal services for any of your horse farm needs. His prices are extremely reasonable; he is a very reliable professional and willing to go the extra mile when necessary. I get what I pay for." - Nancy L., Richmond, TX

Our Guarantee
Scoop Le Poop guarantees that you will receive the most professional, courteous and thorough service available. If you are ever dissatisfied with our work, just give us a call and we will service your property to your satisfaction.


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