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Why do I need a pet waste removal service?

Let's face it, pet waste is an unsightly, unhealthy and unavoidable part of owning a pet. Do you have the time or energy to pick up after your pet on a regular basis? Pet waste carries disease and, if allowed to accumulate or not disposed of properly, will become a nuisance for you and your family and a potential health hazard.

How do I start service?

Starting service is as easy as a phone call to 713.426.3000. There are no contracts to sign and you may stop service whenever you like. We ask that you prepay for our service, so payment will be due upon our initial visit. After that, we will bill you monthly. Call us today!

Is there one collective charge for both front yard & backyard pet waste removal?

No, if we service both your front yard and backyard there will be two separate charges. If you choose to only have your front yard or backyard serviced, there will only be one charge.

What do you do with the collected waste?

All waste is collected inside of two heavy-duty plastic garbage bags and  securely placed in your outside garbage bin per the City of Houston requirements. 

Do you just pick up after dogs?

Of course not! If it poops, we scoop! Scoop Le Poop services all types of pets from cats, birds, hamsters, reptiles and horses. We now even offer horse manure removal for Houston and the greater surrounding areas. No pile is too big nor too small for us pooper scoopers.

Our Safe Facts

Keeping your family and pets safe is something we take very seriously. That's why all of our tools, equipment, and shoes are disinfected after each and every visit with a vet approved disinfectant spray effective against Parvovirus, canine distemper and other diseases.

Like fertilizers, pet waste is washed away into the storm sewers and eventually enters bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers and other popular recreation areas.

Why Scoop Le Poop?

Scoop Le Poop is able to service your yard or stallion paddock once per week, twice per week, three times per week, or even for a last minute pick-up.

If none of our service plans fit your schedule, just let us know and we'll create one that works for you. 


Is Scoop Le Poop a green company?

Yes, we are! We do all that we can to protect our environment and your health. *Scoop Le Poop uses eco-friendly deodorizers and disinfectants on your property. We also use high-quality biodegradable bags.

*Additional fee


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