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It's not easy enforcing scooping rules in multi-family communities, condominiums and apartment complexes. Rather than fining your tenants, let us scoop up the poop problem. You can schedule Scoop Le Poop to visit multiple times a week. Your tenants will see a dramatic improvement in pet waste management, and your reputation will be known as the cleanest commercial property in the city.

Scoop Le Poop's commercial services include:

  • Initial Scoop Le Poop pet waste consultation
  • Disinfection of tools and work suit before entry to property
  • Comprehensive survey of the property before entry
  • Inspection of designated area of removal from start to finish
  • Removal of any hazardous or dangerous materials from designated work area
  • Removal of pet waste in secure 2-ply biodegradable bags
  • Disposal of pet waste in secure garage bins on or off site
  • *Disinfecting and deodorizing of contaminated area with certified eco-friendly disinfectant
  • Security of all property exits and entries that Scoop Le Poop had access to during service.

*Additional fee

We have been lucky to work with Scoop Le Poop for our first two Houston Pet Expos, and look forward to working with them again for years to come. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone – whether the job big (like ours!) or small.”- Courtney R., Director Show Productions, Amazing Pet Expos

Apartments / Condominiums / Town-homes / HOA
Property Managers, did you know you can generate additional revenue for your company at no cost? Eliminate your tenants' pet waste complaints without affecting your maintenance crew. Call us, and we'll give you a free estimate and explain how our service can increase your annual profits.

Pet Shows / Conventions / Events / Horse Races
Planning a show or event? Had a bad experience last year with the waste arrangements? Make this year's event headache-free with Scoop Le Poop. Will Your organization be headquartered at a local hotel? Don't overlook the importance of waste removal. Leave it to the experts at Scoop Le Poop, not the hotel staff. From a weekend event to a week-long convention, no job is too big or too small.

We cover it all.

Kennels / Veterinarians
Spending too much time and energy cleaning up pet waste? Bark up the right alley with Scoop Le Poop's 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed pet waste removal service.

Give us a bark at: 713.426.3000.




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